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Ultimate Flying Experience Eddie Zhamatix 30 August 2023

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Revesco Aviation’s massive Boeing 777-200 Simulator is the same one commercial pilots use for training.

It features the latest technology to create a high-tech, virtual flying experience that places you safely in the Captain’s seat. You’ll receive a full flying brief from our qualified instructors as you seek clearance from air traffic control, put your feet on the rudders, move the thrust leavers, take off or engage the autopilot and then sit back to monitor the screens.

Once you’re ‘in cruise’ – you can control airspeed, maintain altitude and manage your heading whilst overseeing the high-tech panels and monitors – it looks and feels exactly how it does in real life!

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Ultimate Flying Experience

UFE: Two Pilots for Two Hours

This immersive 120-minute experience grants you and a friend unparalleled insight into a professional aviation career. It presents a perfect opportunity for two seasoned aviation enthusiasts who crave the authenticity of managing a large airliner with a Co-pilot. The experience revolves around one of our Advanced Flight Training Multi-crew scenarios and is designed to provide both individuals with a profound understanding of what unfolds when things don’t go according to plan.

You will take on both the Captain and First Officer positions during your time in the Boeing 777 flight deck. For the second flight, you will switch roles, gaining insights into each position’s responsibilities. In both flights, the aircraft will push back from the gate, with the Captain taxiing the aircraft to the departure runway using the tiller.

We will conduct two flights, each departing Sydney bound for Melbourne, but we won’t make it, you’ll experience an engine failure enroute and must make decisions to get your passenger back on the ground safely, your instructor will guide you to ensure a positive outcome.

Departing once more from Sydney bound for Melbourne, we will experience an engine fire in flight this time. As before, the crew will be called upon to make critical decisions for the safety of the passengers. We anticipate the possibility of diverting to Canberra, where emergency services with emergency services standing by.

Both of you will wrap up this exciting and high-intensity experience with a comprehension of the significant redundancy and safety measures that are built into modern-day aircraft.

120-Minute Simulator Experience

  • Tailored for Two Seasoned Aviation Enthusiasts
  • Based on one of our Advanced Flight Training Multi-crew Scenarios

So, are you ready to make a reservation and elevate two aviation dreams? Your journeys have already begun… book now to let your dreams take flight!

Any one. Any age. Any skill level.