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Welcome to Revesco Aviation’s Advanced Flight Training Centre – home of the Boeing 777-200 Flight Simulator. Our CASA-approved instructors are committed to providing the highest quality flight training in the Boeing 777-200 Fixed-Based Flight Simulator. You will benefit from a supportive, friendly and professional environment run by a motivated team committed to your training success. Our staff benefit from being part of the Revesco Aviation corporate jet charter company. We keep our systems well-maintained and updated with in-house technical support.

Revesco Advanced Flight Training offers CASA-approved training courses and general public flight simulator experiences at Jandakot Airport Western Australia.

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Multi-Crew Cooperation Course
Revesco Advanced Flight Training’s CASA-approved Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course, trains you in teamwork, leadership, communication, decision-making and standard operating procedures as part of a multi-crew team. These skills are the essentials required as you move from single pilot operations to working in an advanced multi-crew aircraft.

An MCC course is a prerequisite to being accepted by one of the many operators in the aviation industry. Our new courses start on Monday mornings in our Jandakot Airport Training Centre.

Spending twenty hours in the B777-200 simulator with fully operational FMCs, autothrottles, speed breaks and thrust reversers ensures you finish Revesco’s high-intensity MCC course confident and completely prepared for your multi-crew type rating.
Revesco Aviation’s Training Centre is part of the Revesco Aviation Group – a premium air charter company flying Gulfstream 4SP, Cessna Citation and Phenom aircraft. Revesco’s CASA-approved, training and ATPL testing is highly respected by pilot recruiters Australia wide. Revesco training is overseen by senior Revesco Aviation instructors.

MCC course timetabling is flexible and can be tailored to suit your work commitments.

The MCC course presents you with real-world scenarios where decision-making and teamwork are critical. Our Revesco instructors build your confidence in managing these scenarios by giving you actual experiences, solutions and outcomes that end with valuable debriefing and feedback to prepare you for the future.

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Revesco Aviation Advanced Flight Training capabilities are expanding to conduct:

  • Multi-Engine Instrument Flight Rating
  • Instructor Rating Programs
  • B200 and C208 Class Ratings in our Flight Training Devices


Revesco Aviation’s Advanced Flight Training at our Jandakot training centre has a well-established track record for its highly sought-after CASA-approved pilot training.

  • Cessna 550/560 Type Rating and Differences Training
  • Cessna 550/560 Single Pilot Endorsement
  • Embraer Phenom 100/300 Type Rating Training and Differences Training
  • Beechcraft 200 Class Rating
  • Airline Transport Rating Training
  • CASA Approvals, Recognition and Endorsements
  • CASA Part 141/142 Training Approvals


Multi-crew Cooperation Course

Revesco Aviation’s CASA-approved Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course trains you in:

  • multi-crew teamwork and decision-making
  • leadership and communication
  • standard operating procedures

You’ll need to take an MCC course as a prerequisite to being accepted by one of the many operators. Completing the MCC prior to a type rating allows focus on the aircraft systems leading to a more successful outcome.

Multi-crew cooperation (mcc)

Course Overview
  • CASA-approved five-day course
  • theory, prac and briefings delivered by senior Revesco Aviation instructors
  • 20 hours simulator prac.
  • conducted in the Revesco Training Centre at Jandakot Airport, Western Australia
  • designed for two students to work as a team, the course is also available for solo training at a small premium*

multi-crew cooperation
$6,325 each (min 2 pilots)
solo booking*

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MCC courses commence every Monday and run over five days. These intensive, hands-on practical training sessions are comprised of:

  • two half-day classroom sessions
  • ten two-hour Boeing 777-200 simulator sessions

MCC course timetabling is flexible and can be tailored to suit your work commitments.

Revesco Aviation’s MCC course is specifically designed to teach and assess pilot competencies to ensure they operate safely in a multi-crew environment.

The Revesco Aviation Multi-Crew Cooperation certificate course meets CASA requirements:
61.510 (1)
61.700 (c)


Get the edge over those hoping to ‘wing it’ on the day.

Focused airwork is crucial for a successful airline interview. Schedule a prep session with a senior Revesco Aviation instructor in the Boeing 777 sim! Bring your recruiter’s simulator profile for a one-hour session covering ILS and VOR approaches, Go-Arounds, Steep Turns, Radial Intercepts and Multi-Crew procedures. If you don’t have a simulator profile, we offer access to most airline profiles at our Training Centre and it’s a sure way to build your confidence.

Time well spent!

Airline Interview Prep (AIP)

  • based at Jandakot Airport, Western Australia
  • airline interview simulator session
  • Boeing 777-200 Simulator
  • one-on-one coaching
  • senior Revesco Aviation instructor
  • 60 minutes $275 
  • 90 minutes $375

Book as many AIP sessions as you need, for the confidence you want.

Flight Training Device.

About our B777-200

Our B777-200 Flight Training Device represents affordable aviation simulation technology. Designed to provide an immersive and highly realistic training experience, this state-of-the-art device offers aspiring and seasoned pilots the opportunity to master the intricacies of flying the Boeing 777-200 in a safe and controlled environment.


Our training device enables pilots to hone their skills, practice emergency procedures and refine their decision-making abilities using:

  • advanced flight systems
  • identical aircraft controls
  • true-to-life flight deck layout

Our B777-200 simulator is housed in our training centre at Jandakot Airport and it’s key to achieving excellence in your aviation career.

Flight Training Device.

About our King Air B200 
Our King Air B200 Flight Training Device* is not just a simulator; it’s a valuable tool for pilots to log flying time that counts towards their credentials. Designed to meet the stringent requirements set by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, this advanced training device not only offers a true-to-life flight deck experience but also allows pilots to accrue valuable flight hours in a controlled and safe environment.

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She may be still be vacuum-sealed in plastic, but once the boys have popped all the bubble wrap the magnificent King Air B200 Flight Training Device* will be a valuable addition to the Revesco Training Centre at Jandakot Airport.

Whether you need:

  • a seamless transition between simulation and real-world flight experience 
  • to get your instrument rating
  • to maintain currency for your instrument rating

Our King Air B200 Flight Training Device* ensures every hour spent counts towards your instrument experience. 

*CASA approval pending

Revesco Aviation’s Advanced Flight Training aims to not only provide pilots with CASA-approved courses and qualifications but also to develop the competencies necessary for them to perform more effectively.

One of the best investments in pilot training is the use of a flight simulator. Revesco Aviation’s fully operational Boeing 777-200 flight simulator prepares pilots for the realities and unexpected outcomes they are likely to face while flying. It’s critical to hone skills through proven theory and briefings and hands-on knowledge only developed by operating in an aircraft. Our flight simulators allow pilots to encounter challenging situations within the safety net of a simulation.

Flight simulators are a core component of pilot training as they are more affordable than learning in an actual aircraft. Scenarios not possible in an aircraft can be experienced, this gives students the chance to learn and experiment with aircraft controls and flight methods from the safety of the ground.

Revesco Aviation’s flight simulators are key in our MMC course training as they’re unsurpassed for team-building, navigation confidence and practised teamwork skills.

Master weather problems, improve proficiencies, work on radio skills and prepare for emergencies the old adage of ‘practice makes perfect’ can be has been proven time and time again in the sim so responses are second nature and methodically automatic.

Beyond all of this Revesco Aviation’s goal is to provide premium facilities so you can advance your flying career with CASA-approved courses delivered by senior Revesco Aviation instructors.