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Simulator Joy Flights.

Packages from 30 to 120 minutes

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Revesco Aviation’s massive Boeing 777-200 Simulator is the same one commercial pilots use for training.

It features the latest technology to create a high-tech, virtual flying experience that places you safely in the Captain’s seat. You’ll receive a full flying brief from our qualified instructors as you seek clearance from air traffic control, put your feet on the rudders, move the thrust leavers, take off or engage the autopilot and then sit back to monitor the screens.

Once you’re ‘in cruise’ – you can control airspeed, maintain altitude and manage your heading whilst overseeing the high-tech panels and monitors – it looks and feels exactly how it does in real life!

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Tailormade Pilot action

UFE: plan the flight of your dreams

Embark on the perfectly customised flight plan in the same Boeing-777 simulator commercial pilots use for training. Every aspect of this flight will be specifically mapped to your requests.

Your journey starts at the gate where you assist in programming the FMC (Flight Management Computer), pushback the aircraft, initiate engine start-up, execute takeoff, cruise and land before taxiing back to the gate. This immersive 90-minute experience grants you unparalleled insight into a professional aviation career. A perfect opportunity for seasoned aviation enthusiasts and individuals who crave the authenticity of managing a large airliner.

90-Minute Simulator Experience

  • Tailored for Accomplished Aviation Enthusiasts


Choose from a range of cities anywhere in the world. This experience gives you the ultimate freedom of choice for whatever locations and conditions you have dreamed of flying in… share your preferences when booking your time slot? Our flexible options cater to all preferences and interests, exposing you to the full spectrum of commercial aviation operations. From mastering programming intricacies and pushback procedures to take-off protocols, cruising and descent strategies, precision landings, meticulous taxiing and seamless parking manoeuvres – let your imagination guide your customised experience.

So, are you ready to make your reservation and elevate your aviation dreams? Your journey has already begun… book now to let your dreams take flight!

Any one. Any age. Any skill level.