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foo fighters and the big umbrella

In the realm of legendary rock royalty, few figures shine as brightly as Dave Grohl, the frontman of the alternative rock band Foo Fighters. As the band embarked on their ‘But We Are Here’ Australian tour, Grohl found a moment amidst the whirlwind of performances to partake in a heartwarming endeavour by surprising volunteers at the Big Umbrella Foundation (TBU) and extending a helping hand at Federation Square. Grohl joined local volunteers, personally distributing meals to those facing challenges while embodying the true spirit of giving back. In temperatures of more than 35 degrees, he not only joined volunteers to serve those enduring tough times but also paid for the ‘once-off American-style barbecue’ supplied by his catering company @backbeatbbq and lingered to sign autographs after people realised who the guy was with the tongs.

The Foo Fighters toured Australia, hitting the stage in Melbourne twice this week before their Sydney and Brisbane shows. Despite a gruelling tour schedule, Grohl helped hand out the meals #feedmelbourne before boarding Revesco’s Gulfstream IV SP and jetting out and briefly unwinding en route to join his bandmates for the Sydney leg of the tour.

This convergence of music and philanthropy showcases Grohl’s compassion, further solidifying his stature beyond the realm of rock music. This act not only illuminated the power of unity but also celebrated the profound impact individuals like Grohl can make by leveraging their influence for the betterment of community and morale.

The Big Umbrella

TBU operations manager Victoria Wilson said that while the fact that the former Nirvana drummer would be there had to be kept ‘top secret,’ the musician was keen to oversee every part of the process to ensure our friends on the street enjoyed all of his efforts.

Revesco Aviation Dave Grohl MGs Kitchen

Despite their gruelling tour schedule, Grohl took time out by surprising volunteers at the Big Umbrella Foundation when he rocked up again on Friday morning to work the line.

A big shout out to whole @frontiertouring family, together we cooked, served and shared 430 meals for our friends on the streets… a heartfelt thank you to everyone… you rocked our world ❤️ @thebigumbrella

Melbourne rock legend the late Michael Gudinski was known to have worked closely with TBU and played a big role in setting up the Big Umbrella kitchen in Brunswick during the pandemic, now dubbed MG’s Kitchen, which continues to reflect his enduring legacy.

Personalised Service

Revesco Aviation’s focus is elevated excellence in private travel, offering a bespoke experience that transcends conventional aviation standards. Specialising in luxury air travel, Revesco Aviation sets the benchmark for discerning travellers seeking seamless, discreet and personalised journeys.

Their commitment to delivering comfort and safety is evident in their fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft, including the prestigious Gulfstream IV-SP, the epitome of opulence and performance. Renowned for its spacious cabin, advanced technology and swift performance, the Gulfstream IV-SP is the pinnacle of luxury air travel. Revesco Aviation’s dedication to providing top-tier aircraft ensures passengers experience comfort, privacy and safety throughout their journey.

Beyond the sheer sophistication of their fleet, Revesco Aviation’s emphasis on personalised service is a hallmark of their distinction. From flexible itineraries to accommodating specific preferences, their team orchestrates every detail, ensuring a bespoke journey tailored to each client’s unique requirements. This level of customisation extends not only to the flight experience but also to pre and postflight arrangements and amenities – everything you’d expect in personalised travel.

Moreover, Revesco Aviation’s commitment to environmental responsibility is noteworthy. By adopting cutting-edge technology and adhering to sustainable aviation practices, they mitigate their environmental footprint without compromising their services.

For those accustomed to the utmost exclusivity and uncompromising standards, Revesco Aviation emerges as the quintessence of luxury air travel, promising a seamless and sophisticated journey. Whether for leisure or business, Revesco Aviation redefines the flexibility of private travel.

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