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Specialising in Advanced Flight Training and providing first-class flight simulator experience on our fixed-base procedural trainers.

Revesco Aviation Advanced Flight Training specialises in Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) courses, ATPL training and testing, type ratings for Citation 550 and 560, Phenom 100 and 300 Jets, as well as the King Air B200 turboprop aircraft. We provide an exceptional learning environment in our fixed-base procedural trainers and aircraft and are mindful of maximising the learning experience whilst minimising the cost.

When it comes to training, our CASA-approved courses are delivered by fully qualified Revesco Aviation instructors who offer results-driven guidance in a supportive professional environment. They benefit from up-to-date, expertly maintained equipment, technical support and location data scenarios.

The Boeing 777 is one of the world’s largest twin-engine aircraft. Our Boeing 777-200 flight simulator gives you hands-on interaction in a fully automated flight deck environment. This simulator is a perfect platform for MCC, as the aircraft itself is very automated and allows us to focus and develop Multi-Crew Cooperation procedures. The bonus is you will be using systems that are current on the B787 and similar to the B737 models. Guided by experienced captains and check pilots, the Revesco Advanced Flight Training Centre provides training that you’ll use daily in your future aviation career.

At Revesco Aviation Advanced Flight Training, we’re not just another training centre; we’re your partners in reaching your aviation goals. Our team is here to support you every step of the way. The training staff are all aviators who still have a deep passion for the industry and enjoy seeing your skills develop during the training.

Choose Revesco Aviation Advanced Flight Training to elevate your pilot skills to gain the confidence and expertise operators are looking for as they interview for positions in their various businesses. We also offer refresher sessions and recommend you take them just prior to a sim assessment session to prepare you to succeed. Most operators will send you the profile that you are to be assessed on, but if they don’t, we have most of the current profiles.