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Revesco Aviation Peter Hillier Chief Pilot
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Captain peter hillier

“Don’t give me problems; give me solutions.”

Cpt Peter Hillier

General manager and head of flight operations

Peter joined Revesco as a Captain on the C550 and Challenger 600 in 2008, where he served as Head of Check and Training. He later took over as Head of Flight Operations in 2011 and assumed the role of CEO in 2013.

During his time with the team at Revesco, he contributed to building the brand and expanding the operations. This included providing eight crew members for training operations with China Southern Western Australian Flying College, training cadets in Jet transition for China Southern Airlines, and specialising in VIP Charter Services for major Oil and Gas and mining companies.

1987 Trained at the South Australian Institute of Technology for an Associate Diploma of Civil Aviation which integrated Commercial Flight training with Diploma studies

1988 – Present Commercial Pilot

1991 – Present Airline Transport Pilot 

1991– Present Civil Aviation Safety Authority Approved Flight Examiner  

1995 – Present Chief Pilot Approval

1995 University of Tasmania – developed and implemented a Degree in Aviation Studies

1996 – Present Head of Training and Checking Approval

1990 – Present Flight Instructor Grade 1 


  • Cessna 550/560/680/680A
  • Challenger 600/601
  • Gulfstream GIVSP
  • Embraer Phenom 100/300
  • B200 and C441 plus many other multi-engine class aircraft 



  • 19,860.40 hours Multi Engine
  • 14,685.90 hours Jet/Turbine

Instructor training Malaysian Airline Cadets Peter began his career by instructing at the Aviation Academy of Australia in Jandakot.

Chief Flying Instructor at Tasmania’s Par Avion / Aero Technology

He assumed a leadership role as Chief Flying Instructor and developed the Degree in Aviation with the University of Tasmania. 

Singapore Flying College Peter trained Singapore Airline Cadets in Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating phase and conducted staff flight tests.

Chief Pilot at Kevon/Fugro Aviation For a decade, Peter piloted low-level survey and high-altitude photography missions across the Pacific, India, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Jet Training Phase Manager for China Southern His expertise extended to managing jet training phases for China Southern Airlines at the Jandakot Base.

Head of Check and Training at Revesco Aviation Peter joined Revesco Aviation in 2008 as a Captain, initially serving as Head of Check and Training ensuring the competence of flight crews.

Head of Flight Operations at Revesco Aviation In 2011, he advanced to the position of Head of Flight Operations, overseeing and enhancing flight operations at Revesco Aviation.

CEO of Revesco Aviation By 2013, Peter had risen to become the CEO of Revesco Aviation, demonstrating his leadership and vision for the company.

  • Attaining Multi-Engine Instrument rating training approval as a Grade 3 Instructor (normally Grade 1).
  • Accumulating 23 years as a CASA-approved Authorised Testing Officer/Flight Examiner.
  • Serving in a Senior Flight Management position for 25 years

Having achieved his goals of becoming CEO and HOFO of Revesco Aviation Peter remains focused on building the company brand and expanding operations.

Peter is actively engaged in finding solutions to foster the growth of the Revesco Aviation Part141/142 Training Division, addressing the pressing pilot shortage within the aviation industry. His passion for instructing and imparting knowledge and experience to emerging pilots serves as the driving force behind this expansion initiative.

In 2023 and 2024, the pilot supply gap remains steady at around 17,000. However, the most substantial disparity between supply and demand is expected in 2026, with projections indicating it could reach 24,000 pilots needed to meet industry demands. Peter’s dedication to training and preparing the next generation of aviators is instrumental in bridging this gap and ensuring a sustainable future for aviation.

Revesco Training John Goldsmith 1
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Captain john goldsmith

“Not now, I’m flying.” 

Cpt John Goldsmith

training centre manager and instructor

John Goldsmith was appointed to manage and expand Revesco Aviation’s Advanced Flight Training operations. As a pilot of 41 years and a highly experienced business manager, his appointment was a no-brainer.

Combining 31 years as a Commercial Pilot, 15 of those being in Multi-Crew operations, with having owned and managed a nationwide business with 75 staff, leadership, teamwork and communication are John’s strong points.

Many aviators reach a point where they lose their passion for the industry, but that’s not the case with John.

I get so much enjoyment from instructing the many passionate young flyers who choose to advance their careers by doing our MCC course.

With the imminent commencement of our B200 simulator operations, John is looking forward to sharpening up the many years of Turboprop Operations and providing WA King Air operators with a convenient facility where expensive, time-consuming East Coast trips become a thing of the past.

1982 – Gained a PPL

1993 – During May of that year achieved a Commercial Pilot Licence 

2000 – Multi-Crew Turboprop Aircraft Rating on a Beechcraft 1900

2007 – Multi-Crew Turboprop Embraer 120 with Network Aviation

2022 – Gained a Multi-Crew Instructor Rating in May

My whole life is a highlight! Love what I do.

The ten years flying Beechcraft B1900 and Embraer EMB120 mid-sized turboprop aircraft for Great Western, Ad Astral and Network Aviation gave John the skill and experience required to instruct and guide the pilots who take our CASA-approved Multi-Crew Cooperation Course.

“I’m very excited to be involved in the expansion of Revesco Aviation’s Advanced Flight Training operation. I very much share Peter’s vision and passion in making available Advanced Flight Training on the West Coast to support the vast number of aviation operators in Western Australia.”      

Revesco Aviation Wayne Clemesha Pilot
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Captain wayne clemesha

“To finish first, you must first finish.” 

Cpt Wayne Clemesha

check and training captain

My aviation career commenced in 1993 when I started my Commercial Pilot License training. By 1995 I had successfully achieved my CPL licence which led to employment with various charter companies in both local and rural Australia. 

In 1996, I secured an Instructor Rating and worked for various institutions. Several training approvals were earned during my instructor tenure, ultimately culminating in the Grade 1 Instructor Rating.

By 2001, my ATPL licence was achieved and I decided to further my qualifications with a pre-2014 CASA ATO and later, a CASA Examiner Rating.

Joining Revesco Aviation in 2010 marked a new chapter, where my role involved serving as Captain on the C550 and Challenger 600. Within this role, my responsibilities encompassed Training and Check Captain duties.

Throughout my career, I achieved numerous accomplishments, with a diverse range of aircraft piloted as Captain, including the GIV, CL60, C550/560, E505, and B200.

Currently, I conduct Training and Checking for various organisations throughout Australia.

My role as a CASA Examiner has allowed me to contribute significantly to Aviation Safety and Competence Holding testing qualifications in RPL, PPL, CPL, ATPL, M/E NVFR, IFR, MCP, Low Level and FIR training endorsements.

Additionally, I have approvals for MCP, MCC and ATPL Training. I am also approved to conduct EPCs for examiners in the aviation industry.

Instructor Experience

  • Jet Training Manager China Southern West Australian Flying College – Jandakot 
  • Chief Flight Instructor Kalgoorlie Aero Club – Kalgoorlie
  • Instructor BAE Systems – Adelaide,
  • Chief Flight Instructor Air Australia – Jandakot 
  • Chief Flight Instructor Slingair – Kununurra 
  • Chief Flight Instructor Aviation Institute of Australia – Jandakot
  • Training and Checking and MCC Training Revesco Aviation – Perth
  • HOO Corporate Aircraft Charter – Karratha and Adelaide
  • Training and Checking Hardy Aviation – Darwin
  • HOO Major Blue Air – Jandakot

Charter 135 and 121 Operations

  • Chief Pilot Kalgoorlie Aero Club – Kalgoorlie
  • Chief Pilot Air Australia – Jandakot
  • Chief Pilot Slingair – Kununurra
  • Pilot RFDS – Jandakot
  • Pilot Revesco Aviation – Perth
  • Chief Pilot Corporate Aircraft Charter – Adelaide
  • HOFO Barkly Aviation – Mt ISA
  • Pilot Hardy Aviation – Darwin
  • HOFO Major Blue Air – Jandakot

Certified in CASA EPC, ME IFR, Low-Level Flying, Type Ratings and MCC training, I have consistently demonstrated my commitment and dedication to upholding aviation excellence and in 2003 received my Diploma of Aviation from TAFE College Midland.

This commitment extends to providing the highest standards of safety, honesty and training to ensure the competence of flight operations as:

  • Captain
  • Training and Checking
  • HOFO
  • Part 141/142 Operations
  • CASA Flight Examiner
  • Experienced Corporate Pilot

Back in 1992, I kicked off my flight training at Jandakot Airport with the aim of pursuing a career as a professional pilot and flight instructor. My dedication and drive helped me achieve both those goals! That’s the beauty of discovering your passion it helps you turn dreams into reality.

Today I’m keen to keep growing and making the most of my aviation privileges and experience so I can share my knowledge with emerging pilots who are just starting out in their careers and those pilots who are laser-focused on advancing their qualifications.