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The Revesco Aviation Simulator Centre is part of the Revesco Aviation Group – a premium air charter company flying Gulfstream 4SP, Cessna Citation and Phenom aircraft.

Revesco Aviation’s CASA-approved, training and ATPL testing is highly respected by pilot recruiters Australia-wide. All training at the training centre is overseen by senior Revesco Aviation instructors. Our practical course prepares pilots for teamwork, leadership, decision making and standard operating procedures as they work together in a multi-crew environment.

Revesco Aviation’s CASA-approved, Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course is delivered by fully qualified senior Revesco Aviation instructors at our training centre near Jandakot Airport.


Our course duration is five days. Each day is comprised of integrated classroom and sim sessions. Course timetabling takes into consideration the realities of crew rostering and can arrange the delivery of the MCC course to suit, upon request.

  • Based in Perth, Australia
  • Intense five-day course
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation: $6,325pp (min. 2 pilots)
  • Solo booking: $7,495
  • Theory and briefings
  • 20 hours in Boeing 777-200 Simulator
  • CASA-approved MCC course
  • Delivered by fully qualified Revesco Aviation instructors
  • Max. 4 pilots per course


Revesco Aviation’s course is specifically designed to teach and assess pilot competencies to ensure they operate safely in a multi-crew environment, this certificate course meets CASA requirements 61.510 (1); 61.575; 61.700 (c) and 61.785.


To successfully enrol in Revesco Aviation’s MMC course, students must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Completed ATPL Aeronautical Knowledge Unit AHFC-ATPL Human Factors
  2. Current PPL licence or higher
  3. Multiengine command instrument rating


Fully financial enrolment provides students with access to the Revesco Aviation Advanced Flight Training Library (RAAFT) and guidance on the pre-course study. Twenty hours prac in the Boeing 777-200 Simulator with fully operational autothrottles, speed breaks and thrust reversers, challenges students and builds their confidence to prepare them for a type rating. During this time Revesco Aviation instructors challenge students with real-life scenarios, solutions and outcomes that conclude with valuable debriefing and feedback to build confidence and prepare students for critical decision-making and teamwork.


Multi-Crew Cooperation cost:

  • Solo booking: $7,495 inc GST
  • Multi booking: $6,325 inc GST per pilot
  • Min. 2 pilots – Max. 4 pilots

Two or more pilots can save on their financial investment if they book for the same date. We have a waitlist of preferred dates that other pilots are available if your schedule is flexible. Our MCC course limit is four pilots.


  • Location 1b Eagle Drive Jandakot Airport, Western Australia 6165
  • Parking free parking at the Revesco Aviation Training Centre
  • Public Transport to and from Jandakot airport
  • Food and Drinks onsite including coffee, tea, fridge and microwave and there’s a lunch bar within walking distance of the training centre

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