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Simulator Joy Flights.

Packages from 30 to 120 minutes

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Revesco Aviation’s massive Boeing 777-200 Simulator is the same one commercial pilots use for training.

It features the latest technology to create a high-tech, virtual flying experience that places you safely in the Captain’s seat. You’ll receive a full flying brief from our qualified instructors as you seek clearance from air traffic control, put your feet on the rudders, move the thrust leavers, take off or engage the autopilot and then sit back to monitor the screens.

Once you’re ‘in cruise’ – you can control airspeed, maintain altitude and manage your heading whilst overseeing the high-tech panels and monitors – it looks and feels exactly how it does in real life!

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Cleared for Takeoff


Enter the flight deck of this enormous Boeing 777-200 airliner and take the same seat commercial pilots use for training. You’ll be in good hands as your co-pilot is your instructor. This simulated flight experience starts with engines running and cleared for takeoff from one of our many worldwide locations. Bring two friends to sit in the jumpseats so they can take advantage of the great photo ops, while you fulfil your dreams at the flight deck!

30-Minute Simulator Experience

  • Tailored for aviation newcomers

After a short flight briefing, you’ll turn your attention to the controls and take flight for a circuit around the city. The only question left unanswered is… which city will you choose?


Choose from a range of cities anywhere in the world. If you have a specific location in mind, don’t hesitate to share your preference when booking your time slot. As an example, if your choice is Perth you will complete a take-off from Perth followed by a Rottnest or Perth coast fly-by before landing back at Perth Airport. We will then configure and reposition the aircraft on a 10-mile final for runway 21, your second landing at Perth Airport.

So, are you ready to make a reservation and elevate your aviation dreams? Your journey has already begun… book now to let those dreams take flight!

Any one. Any age. Any skill level.