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Airline Pilot Interview Preparation

AIP: focused airwork

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Get the edge over those who simply hope to wing it during the airline recruitment process.

Experience has proven time and again that focused airwork is key to success. Revesco Aviation Advanced Flight Training has most airline’s simulator profiles available or you are welcome to bring the one provided by your recruiter. It will give you a chance to run through ILS and VOR approaches, Go Arounds normal and asymmetric, Steep Turns, Radial Intercepts and Multi-Crew procedures. Flight City Simulation Centre is the perfect place to prepare for the airline interview simulator session in the Boeing 777-200. All this combined with a debrief from the senior Revesco Aviation instructor is sure to build your confidence.

Coaching Description

Book as many AIP sessions as you need for the confidence you want.


  • Held at Jandakot Airport, Western Australia
  • Airline interview simulator session
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Senior Revesco Aviation instructor
  • Boeing 777-200 Flight Training Device

Flexible appointments

  • 60 minutes $275
  • 90 minutes $375

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Airline Pilot Interview Preparation
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